Overview of the Slot Game “Vikings Go Berserk Reloaded”

The ‘Vikings Go’ series by Yggdrasil is one of the most profitable franchises among the plethora of Norse-themed slot machines. The horned-helmeted warriors of these games have gone completely berserk thus far. All of them have been enjoyable, hefty Viking affairs with cinematic introductions, mood, and free spins where winning fights result in locked wild symbols. Yggdrasil has revisited their 2016 release Vikings Go Berzerk to make some significant adjustments. The game retains its recognizable core elements, but it has been completely revamped to make it more of a gambling instrument in keeping with the modern craze for large, risky bets.

Perhaps it was because we were playing an early sample, but Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded didn’t have an animated opening like the ones that had shown in the past. You may require a few seconds after entering to figure out what is the same and what is different. The game board is mostly the same, with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 fixed paylines, with the same collection of symbols. One major change is the introduction of a new, chilly setting, which would have benefited greatly from an introductory movie. For some gamers, the removal of the Rage meter gathering feature is one of the most troubling changes. Sticky wilds, however, remain a crucial aspect since the Vikings may still “go Berzerk,” as the name indicates.

The math model used in Reloaded has undergone some of the most significant revisions. The medium-high setting of volatility this time makes the experience considerably more hard and possibly rewarding. The return to player percentage is a round 96%, while the hit frequency is 24%. You may play Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded on whatever platform you choose, and the betting ranges from 25 percent up to £/€50 every spin.

You win when you get three or more of the same symbols on an active payline, and you can choose from eight different standard symbols. Here we have four coins with low worth and four with great value, all Vikings. Five premium character symbols on a winning line pay off between six and ten times the wager. Wilds are there to help you win, appearing on any reel to replace other symbols for a chance at a payout. One important change, however, is that 2, 4, or 8x multipliers can now appear with wilds.

The Slot Features of the New Vikings Go Berserk

Although rage meters have been eliminated, characters can still become Berserk during the free spins bonus round. Ragnarok Spins, Chests, and Gamble Options also appear at random times.

The free spins bonus round begins after the player obtains at least three scatter symbols while playing the main game. Any combination of 3, 4, or 5 results in 7 free games, 8 free games plus 1 Berzerk Viking, or 9 free games + 2 Berzerk Vikings. When Viking Symbols appear during free games, they will do battle with a malicious Siren. If they succeed, they’ll turn into wild symbols that stick around for the rest of the feature. The Vikings usually come out on top when they’re in full Berserk mode. Additionally, wild symbols can be upgraded during free spins to x2, x4, or x8 wild multipliers for the duration of the game.

Treasure chest symbols can appear on the fifth and final reel during free games only. When chests are opened, players can win anything from one extra free spin to three, sticky wilds, an extra Berzerk Viking, or a wild multiplier of two (maximum x8) for the current spin.

Players can risk their winnings from free spins after winning them either naturally or by purchasing them. Players are given a choice between two bags when betting. If you make the right choice, you’ll go down a path to the free spins bonus, where you can activate 1, 2, 3, or 4 Berserk Vikings. If the estimate is erroneous at any point in the trail, however, the free spins are immediately forfeited.

All four Vikings can go berserk at any moment if the Ragnarok Spin goes off. That implies that for that one turn, all Vikings are victorious in battle and go completely feral. This might happen during regular play or during the bonus round of free spins.

When available, players can “buy” the bonus by increasing their next spin’s wager by 75 times in order to guarantee themselves at least three scatter symbols. Once activated, you have the option of risking them.

Review of the Slot Game “Vikings Go Berserk: Reloaded”

Reloaded is a whole new game from the original Vikings Go Berserk. It will be fascinating to watch how people react to the fact that many of the things they like about the original have been removed or altered to make way for a more challenging but maybe more satisfying adventure. You can’t help but think that slot streamers and huge win videos were on Yggdrasil’s mind when they created this. Or, at the at least, a wish that the ‘Vikings Go’ line can hold its own against the prevailing style of punishing high-performance slots.

Since the anger accumulation meters are no longer there, this makes the core gameplay of Reloaded less interesting. Even with Ragnarok Spins and wild multipliers, the focus has shifted to free spins, which makes the bonus more appealing to purchase. There are no chests in the regular game; they only appear during the bonus rounds. Then there’s the agonizing choice of whether to gamble or amass free spins. You can only gain three or four Berserk Vikings at the outset through gambling, and while they may have a huge influence, you need to make three or four perfect predictions to get there. If you make a bad guess here, you’re done for good; unlike some gambling systems, you won’t be able to move up or down a reward ladder. To truly test the limits of Reloaded requires a healthy dose of both courage and good fortune. The primary distinction is because Vikings Go Berzerk In Reloaded, the maximum payout is a whopping 25,000 times the initial wager, which is a massive increase from any prior version of the game.

As a result of these alterations, Reloaded is the most insane entry in the ‘Vikings Go’ series to date. The melody to the ears of those who play with gusto, yet, unfortunately, perhaps a bit too wild for some. To get the most out of Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded, you’ll need to be ready to put in the extra effort required to unlock the game’s true potential, a path that leads to bigger rewards (and harsher punishments) if you choose to take it.

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