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  Release Date: Jan 23, 2021
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Lootcase Synopsis:

Nandan Kumar is a middle-class man who works in a printing press and repairs machines and doesn’t believe indestiny. He lives in a chawl when his taunting wife Lata and son Aayush. Meanwhile going regarding for the order of the adding together hand, Minister Patil has to make a get your hands on of a parcel of 10 boxes of sweets and a file delivered to an unconventional minister. He assigns his men Abdul and Omar to complete so, and it is revealed that the 10 boxes of sweets actually contain Money worth 10 crore Rupees. Patil’s men put the keep in a suitcase. While the parcel is upon it’s way, it gets ambushed by the goons of a notorious gangster Bala Rathore, whose choice goon, Jameel, was shot dead by Abdul’s men. The ambush leads to a shootout along amid Bala and Patil’s men, and in the process, the suitcase gets stolen by Bala’s men and they leave suddenly. While escaping, they hear the police nearing towards them, and they conceal the suitcase out cold some boxes attainable, hoping before assuage sophisticated to believe the suitcase, and they depart.

Meanwhile, Nandan is returning habitat after decree, and though taking a restroom crack, comes across the suitcase. He opens it, finds it full of money, and takes it quarters and hides it in his neighbour’s domicile, who’s taking into account for a postponement to his village. As Nandan is very about to mannerism in the entre to his ablaze, Lata surprises him by wearing a disordered dress, and tries to seduce him, but Nandan foils her plans and leaves her mistake. At night, as soon as Lata is knocked out, Nandan goes to his neighbour’s residence where the suitcase is hidden. He opens the suitcase, and gets delighted by seeing the bunch of maintenance, and hugs it, behind he returns house, Lata asks him where did he went, and Nandan tells her that he had taking into account for a smoke, and seduces his wife.

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Lootcase | Lootcase | Lootcase
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