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  Release Date: Jan 19, 2021
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The Mumbai Police officers arrest 3 juvenile agitation suspects and strive for to interrogate them but profit no recommendation. Karanveer Singh Dogra “Karan” is called to past the police but one of the suspects kills himself. Upon investigating adding, Karan learns the suspects usual maintenance and VHS tapes containing a terrorist’s pronouncement. Also, one of the suspects talks repeatedly approximately 9/11, which is decoded as an belligerence in savings account to India on the hours of day of Diwali. Further learning the recordings were shot by a camera in London, Karan decides to go undercover along considering Bhavana Reddy, who assisted him upon his previous mission. Posing as a married couple, they come in London where Mallika Sood, a British Intelligence superintendent picks them happening and takes them to their play a share station where choice agent named Armaan Akhtar assists them. On the added hand, the terrorist Buraq Ansari forces his son Abeer to watch him killing a man, due to which Abeer’s mom Zahira wants to dealings the police but is threatened by Buraq. Learning two Indian agents have arrived in London possibly to invade him, Buraq enlists the further of his agents to track them though Karan and his team go through the same process to track Buraq’s agents. While pursuing a suspect, Karan meets Zahira and Abeer, and soon gets effective in a bike chase as soon as the suspect, resulting in the latter’s accidental death. Karan retrieves his phone and answers Buraq’s call, auxiliary telling him he would soon visit the dead suspect’s house. Karan and team arrive at the home, but outside it are stopped by Buraq’s goons. A brawl breaks out, resulting in Karan getting thrown out of the home by an explosion. The video goes viral, and thus does Bhavana’s tweet supporting Karan.

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