Elimination rounds Copa do Brazil: find out how the elimination rounds turned out

The 2020 Copa do Brazil is reaching a conclusion. After over a half year of debate, we at last arrived at the last phase of the opposition, the excellent finale.

Presently, the best groups in the opposition, Palmeiras x Grêmio, will play in the Copa do Brazil last. In this article, you will figure out how the elimination round games went, which drove them to the choice.

How were the elimination rounds of the Copa do Brazil 2020

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Gremio versus Sao Paulo

The Grêmio x São Paulo game was the main elimination round of the Copa do Brazil 2020. The debate occurred in two games: the primary game was played at Field Grêmio, in Porto Alegre; the return, thusly, was held at the Morumbi arena, in the city of São Paulo.

The duel between the tricolors was much adjusted, something previously expected because of the nature of the two groups. In the principal match, on December 23, Grêmio, trained by Renato Gaúcho, played an extremely strategic game and figured out how to win by a base score of 1-0, a little benefit, yet vital in an elimination round debate.

The return game, on December 30, was considerably really invigorating. Playing away from home, Grêmio came to the capital of São Paulo determined to guard itself. São Paulo, requiring a triumph, began to assault. Eventually, the score was 0-0, which ensured Grêmio in the debate for the excellent last of the 2020 Copa do Brazil.

Palmeiras versus America-MG: In a duel of alviverdes, Palmeiras was obviously the most loved group. America-MG, a group that is in the second division of the Brazilian Title, currently felt triumphant only for having arrived at the elimination round phase of the Copa do Brazil 2020. Nonetheless, the group from Minas Gerais needed more, they needed to arrive at the last of the public competition. For that, he would need to overcome the powerful Palmeiras.

The main elimination round match occurred on December 23, at Allianz Parque, home of Palmeiras. The game was more adjusted than the fans envisioned.

That they expected all out control of the alviverde paulista to play at home against a rival, in principle, more fragile. Better believe it that is not the very thing that we saw: the match finished in 1 to 1

In any case, on the return, on December 30, at the Independencies arena, in the capital of Minas Gerais, Palmeiras allowed no opportunities. He controlled the game and beat America-MG by the score of 2 to 0, ensuring his position in the choice to wager on football.

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